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The ISTA Method book

Rejuvenate your theatre practice with a book that is chock full of  practical games, activities and lessons ready to be brought to life in your own classes. Collaboratively created as a guidebook that you might pick up before, after or during a theatre adventure. An essential resource for all drama teachers!


ReflectiON cards

The ReflectiON cards complete with accompanying set of exclusive ensemble activities are a wonderful and creative way to encourage students aged 11-18 to reflect in a playful and meaningful way. They have been tried and tested with students and teachers across disciplines. Using the cards encourages students to develop both their critical and creative thinking skills, making imaginative connections and introducing new ways to think about and evaluate their work.


I LOVE this book. I have read the essays and articles and find I am inspired by the words and ideas presented.  Reading it has reinvigorated my passion for arts education, and specifically theatre education, and solidified my belief in its importance.

Angela David

Teachers spend hours and hours combing books and the internet for ideas in order to plan classroom units or revitalise already existing ones. As a teacher of theatre, if for no other reason, buy this book for the incredible amount of unique and useful units of study, strategies, and games to use in the classroom. I have never seen this many amazing resources and great ideas all combined in one resource.

Marsha Yalden

I already loved the Artist Toolbox edition of ISTA's Scene, kept it by my desk and used it regularly. The Adventures In Theatre book has surpassed that resource twice over and then some. Such a goldmine of ideas, wisdom and hot-out-of-the-oven strategies and games. I'll be keeping this book by my desk for sure!

Carl Robinson